Portrait Lighting Techniques is Bobbi's one-hour instructional DVD full of essential lighting techniques and information that will help you create more effective and meaningful portraits immediately.

Comprehensive subject matter includes: lighting patterns, quality of light with boxes, grids, fresnells, umbrellas and beauty dishes, posing from headshots to full-length, and balancing strobe and ambient light.

Creative Techniques for Color Photography, Bobbi's informative how-to book, filled with her beautiful photographs. Published by Amherst Media. For content information and ordering details, click here.

Video Interview with Bobbi Lane

A video clip of an interview with Bobbi by Richard Newman of Calumet taped at the 2006 PhotoPlus Expo. To view or download the clip, click here.

The size of the Quicktime video file is approximately 6 MB.
The Bobbi Lane Workshops
Bobbi Lane is a commercial photographer who shares her many years of professional experience in her hands-on workshops. Based in Connecticut, she shoots people on location for corporate and editorial clients as well as photographing real people for stock agencies. A passionate photo educator, Bobbi is the recipient of APA's 25th Anniversary Education Award, and has twice won UCLA’s Outstanding Teacher Award. She offers a variety of dynamic workshops at leading educational institutions throughout the country, and also through her own one-day, weekend, and week-long workshops in New York City and Fairfield, Connecticut. Bobbi is well-known in the industry for providing workshop participants with essential information, creative photography techniques, and innovative ideas in a fun-filled learning environment.

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Sekonic Meters Video on YouTube.com
Bobbi Lane demonstrates creative lighting and camera techniques for a photo shoot of guitarist Will Hanza. The shoot takes place on a Manhattan rooftop throughout a colorful sunset and twilight into evening. Bobbi balances the exposure between the strobe lights and the ambient outdoor light to create some dynamic images that show off Will's unique style of performance.
Check out Sekonic's blog on Bobbi.

Portraits Unplugged DVD
You don't need expensive lights to shoot great portraits, just an understanding of how to use available light. In Portraits Unplugged, Bobbi Lane demonstrates how the beauty of available light is everywhere, showing how it is perfect for creating wonderful images. Any time of day and any situation can be turned into a great opportunity for stunning natural light portraits.

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Hear a podcast with Bobbi Lane at the 7 Photography Questions website. Listen to Bobbi’s interview with Audri Lanford about natural light portraits. Click here to go to the podcast.

Bobbi Lane Workshops 2011: Updated as of March 1st, 2011

Workshop Dates
Gulf Photo Plus (Dubai)
GPP (Gulf Photo Plus)

March 7 to 12, 2011

Faces and Places: Travel photo workshop to Oman
with Bobbi Lane and David Nightingale
March 16 to19, 2011
CT Photo Workshops, Farmington CT
Portrait Lighting Intensive
April 2 to 3, 2011
Julia Dean Workshops (Los Angeles)
Portrait Lighting Intensive
April 8 to 10, 2011
CT Photo Workshops, Farmington CT
The Flash Class
April 30 to May 1, 2011
The Light Workshops, Los Osos, CA
Portrait Lighting: Natural and Flash
May 26 to 29, 2011
The Center for Photography at Woodstock
Portrait Lighting Techniques: Studio and Natural

June 3 to 5, 2011

Maine Media Workshops
Intro to Portraits
June 19 to 25, 2011
International Center of Photography (NYC)
Lighting: Big, Small, and Natural
July 5 to 9, 2011
CT Photo Workshops, Farmington CT
Portraits: Studio and Location

July 11 to 15, 2011

Santa Fe Workshops
People and Places
July 24 to 30, 2011
Skip's Summer School, Las Vegas NV
Portrait Lighting: Hands-on Workshop

July 31 to August 3, 2011
Tuesday August 2

Photo Plus Expo ( Javits Center , NYC)
Portrait Lighting Techniques and Lightroom Workflow

October 28, 2011

Mentorships with Bobbi Lane

Working with a mentor will expand your photographic knowledge and skills, and help you to refine and define your photographic personality. Mentors champion your work - guiding and supporting your dreams and aspirations as a photographer. A mentorship is often goal-oriented; it could lead to exhibiting in a gallery, printing in a magazine, publishing your book, building a stronger portfolio for graduate school, developing a business plan to start your photography career, or simply creating a memorable portfolio of personal images under the watchful eye of a photography master.

I work with two organizations offering mentorship programs: the Santa Fe Workshops ( individual mentoring) and the Institute of Digital Media Arts ( a combination of group and individual sessions).

The Santa Fe Workshops: http://www.santafeworkshops.com/resources/mentorships.php
The Sante Fe Workshops offer individualized one-on-one sessions designed to help you expand your knowledge and understanding of the art and and increase your business acumen in your select area of photography. Mentorship programs with me are available in two ways: either as a six month program with eight scheduled sessions, or as a one year program with seventeen scheduled sessions. My mentorship programs are developed on an individual basis, founded on the pre-program interview requirements for each individual that I work with. This is the second year that I've worked as a mentor with Santa Fe Workshops , and it has been a rewarding experience for me and for the photographers I have mentored.

The Institute of Digital Media Arts : http://www.idmaonline.com/pg/pages/view/762/
Each mentorship program with the Institute of Digital Media Arts includes six months of mentoring featuring monthly two-hour live seminar presentations with Q&A segments, access to special topics and presentations, and monthly scheduled one-on-one individual mentorship sessions with personal access to your mentor, your study group, and other select communities of practice.

My mentorship focuses on the needs of the Emerging Photographer. Both commercial and retail photographers must have practical real-world information for setting up their businesses, and a full understanding of the techniques for excellent photography. Mentoring is the most direct and beneficial path for those looking to make a full or part-time transition into the photography business, or if you are just beginning to get started in the trade, this mentoring program will provide you with the photographic skills in lighting, composition, color and intent that are essential for rewarding and successful photography.